Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How I Spent My Summer

Remember me? Long lost blogger here, checking in just to let you all know that I survived the summer and all it had to offer. The modem on my computer is fried. I can't connect to the internet!! I can't read blogs! I can't write e-mails or even read the ones that get sent to me! I can't Google! So I finally stole some time away from home and I'm using the computer at my husband's shop.

Well, let's recap the summer shall we? When was the last entry? Almost two months ago?! Really? Huh.

In July, we spent a great deal of time at the beach. Practically lived there. We came home to make supper, shower, sleep and then back at it the next day. *sigh* It was rough. Terran was at Cadet Summer Training Camp for two weeks. He had a great time, made tons of cool friends and must have grown two feet in the two weeks he was gone. I missed him terribly, and was shocked to see a young man waiting for me when I went to pick him up.

August brought horse shows on the weekend, Old Home Week, a trip to Nova Scotia, Horseback Riding lessons for Madeline, and surgery. I had to have surgery on my knee cap, it was scoped and then the bones shaved and re-shaped, and torn cartilige removed. Yeah, ouch. This was almost three weeks ago now, and I still have a bit of a limp, but it gets a bit better every day. Unless someone kicks it. Or punches it. Or grabs it. That seems to happen a lot. Connor seems to be just the right height...

September brought a court date with The Ex. I served him with papers a month before the date, hoping he would attempt to settle out of court. He thought he would be a snake and have me served the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, (with our appearance being on Tuesday) making all sorts of unreasonable demands and untrue claims. I was pissed, but that's another story for another time. The end result is that we didn't have to go to court, he agreed to my terms last minute (that morning), and I have the smug pleasure of realizing that while his arguements were about him and what he wants, mine were about my daughter and her best intrest. After years of him making me feel like the dirt under his shoe, I walked away finally feeling like the Better Person.

I hope he realizes that all his lip flapping and threats about "I'll make sure that you never get anything" and "with the help of some good money" his "best lawyer there is" all pale in comparison to honesty and the best intrest of my daughter. That's it. No desire to screw him over. No selfish motive to see how far I can go, just because I can. My one and only driving force was Madeline's happiness. Karma, baby. Try to do right by the universe, and the universe will reward you. One day he will realize that money isn't what makes you a better person. He proved that one a hundred times over. On the day he realizes that, I hope his heart breaks into a million pieces at the thought of what he could have had, and what he threw away. That is something all his money won't ever be able to fix, and that is where my satisfaction lies.