Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

The hard thing about working from home is the lack of entertainment for the little guy during the time I have to get some work done. It is only at these times he realizes that he even has a mother and will climb on my lap, plead with me to play hockey with him, get him a snack or read him a story. Repeatedly. But if I'm not busy and I ask him? Well, you know how it goes. "No thank you Mama! I just wanna look at stuff with my magnifying glass OK? You can read to me later if you want, OK Mama?"


This morning I was sitting at the computer working on a proposal for a new fitness program for the YMCA. Connor had been interrupting me all morning asking for snuggles, would I put on a particular movie, would I play a certain game, or could I get him a snack. After the movie was playing, his granola bar gone, the cup of soy milk emptied and the orange eaten, he came into the room once again and asked for a fruit cup.

"You're not gonna let me get any work done today, are you buddy?" I asked him as we made our way to the cupboard.

"Well, you're very nice Mama!" he beamed at me.

"I am, huh? I still need to get my work done though..." I chuckled.

"And you're very pretty too!" he piped up as I reached for the fruit cups.

"Well!" I laughed. "That's nice of you to say..."

He points a little finger at me and says "Mama? You are loved!"

I laughed again as I scooped him up into my arms and buried my face into his wild hair, breathing in his sweet little boy smell and told him that he too was loved.

Then we sat down and ate our fruit cups, together.