Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Queen of DeNial

So I sat down in front of the computer just now and gave myself a harsh reality check. It’s all about the (looks around) budget.

Ssshhhh!!!! Don’t say it out loud… it’s a bad word in this house! That one little word sets the little hairs on the back of my neck on end. Goosebumps and all that. That word means get to your corners and put the gloves on. Only now, I know it’s because my spending habits are out of control. Even worse? My husband is right. Oh, the indignity of it all!


I’ve been bitching about how tight the money is since I’ve finished up at work. You know, because we’re down to one income and all. Even though I get my lovely little Child Tax Benefit every month and Child Support Payments from The Ex, the extra income when I was working had become necessary in maintaining a balanced account. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make more money while still being at home this summer. (The cost of childcare for 2 kids would not be worth going out to work) Then it dawned on me that if I can’t Make More Money, maybe I should Spend Less!!! (Have I mentioned that I’m a bit slow when it suits me? No?)

Now there’s a concept! Only, I don’t really spend THAT much do I? I mean, it's not like there's any extra TO spend... Ok, I think you get the picture here. It’s the one that looks like me in denial, only with better hair. And manicured nails. *blush* A book I’ve recently read states that the word Denial could easily stand for “Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying”. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been totally lying to myself.

I tracked my spending. May I just say in my own defence, OUCH!?!?!

Bottom line says that if I planned my trips to town, ate before I left home (Fast food places were on there a lot), and actually thought about all the un-necsesary crap that I was buying (Dollar Store, Dairy Bar and Pet Store) I would have at least an extra $230.00** a month. That’s a whole lot of money to be throwing away!!

This month, I am challenging myself to track EVERY. CENT. I. SPEND. Also, try my best to be responsible about what it actually is I’m spending on. No more French Mani’s for me thankyouverymuch! At this point I have nothing to lose and about $230.00 or more to gain.

What’s worked for you?

**This figure does not include the price of Fuel for my senseless random trips to Wherever It Is I think I need to go for no reason other than Just Getting Out of the house because I'm bored. I’m afraid to know how much gas I’m actually wasting on un-necessary trips to town.