Monday, October 27, 2008

Keep Fingers From Cage

I'm normally a pretty laid back person. Except for when I'm not. That would be when I'm tired, sick, hungry, cold or any combination of the above. Ever see the sign "Keep Fingers From Cage"? It's there for a good reason.

Today I'm feeling a wee bit "edgy". I have tons in my life to be thankful for, but today I just feel like walking away from my life for a while. For your reading pleasure today, a list of things that I ponder as I try to get over myself.

*Five people live in this house. Why am I the only person who notices the garbage needs to be taken out and actually does it?

*Why do I do everyone's laundry, fold it, and take it to the bedrooms but the only time anyone else ever does laundry is to wash something (as in three items) of theirs. Then complains when it sits in the washer for 2 days and starts to stink.

*Dishes? Please. I wash dishes at least 5 times a day. I hate coming into the kitchen in the morning and seeing last nights dishes all over the place. If I don't feel like washing the supper dishes then why don't you do it? Every single person in this house is capable of getting their hands wet. This is pisses me off the most.

*I care for 5, sometimes 6 children for 11 hours a day, 5 days a week, in addition to 3 of my own. 4 of these kids are under age 3. I am not complaining about this, it is my job and what I chose to do. But just because I do it at home does not mean that I am ready, willing and able to do your errands as well just because "I'm at home all day." My job is just as important as yours.

*I get tired and I want to relax once in a while. I need a break sometimes. Leaving the house (and me) on weekends to do your thing (even if it is for us) while I am left with a sick kid is not relaxing. I'm here all week - I want/need to leave the house too. Only I have to drag Sick Boy with me. Not fun for either of us.

*I need a grown-up to talk to. 15 minutes during supper or 10 minutes before bed doesn't cut it for me. I have a ton of thoughts and ideas and dreams. Care to listen sometime?

*I want to feel like I'm beautiful. I only feel tired and worn out. Paying attention to me after I've had to ask really doesn't make me feel all that special.

*I want to feel appreciated. For WHO I am, not what I do on a daily basis. Yah, the clothes get washed, the house is somewhat clean...I get that you appreciate having someone provide you with clean socks. However,there is more to me than my housekeeping skills.

*When I get frustrated like this, don't tease me and call me grumpy. Don't joke with each other in front of me about how easy it is to upset me. That has never helped. Try making me some tea or hugging me without trying to "fix things". How about some prevention instead of a cure? Just sit with me and let me talk. Or cry. Or take a nap. Whatever I need.

Just don't stick your fingers through the bars after you've rattled the cage- you might lose one.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reno Post - The First of Many

One of the benefits to being married to a hot young carpenter is that I don't have to hire anyone to fix stuff up around here...
I just have to ask him. If I'm lucky and have been a good little wifey, the job usually gets done within a prompt five years.


The List is long. Very, very long.

See the little baby blanket on the arm of the couch? The baby who belongs to that blankie is now five and a half.

So after Five Long Years, we've finally embarked on the long awaited Bathroom Reno. *heavenly chorus sounds from above*

Umm, yeah. Anyways...

Here's our lovely Powder Room before the Reno...

Would you believe that this couldn't even win us the Ugly Bathroom Contest at a local building supply store?

How charming. This is what lurks behind cheap wood panel. Who puts wood panels in a shower anyways? *shudder*

It was a two man job getting the old cast iron tub out of the bathroom (thanks Keir!)...

and another ordeal getting the thing down the stairs and turned at the landing...

Ok, how are we gonna get this turned?
I don't know-it's your tub! I thought you had a plan!

out the back door and finally loaded onto the truck.

That's it! Nothing else! I'm on vacation, remember?

Painting the house is also on The List, scheduled for Spring 2009.

While I love, love, LOVE my new bathtub and shower...

my real, actual, It's-Finally-Not-A-Handheld Shower...

Good Morning Mr. Moen!

And I'm tickled that the toilet is no longer in front of the window...

I'm longing for a decent place to store our towels (and for decent towels)...

and I miss having a sink.
For now,we wash our hands in the tub and brush our teeth at the kitchen sink.

Could I please draw your attention away from the Sweet Boy Child making a smoothie and towards this yucky I- Don't-Even-Know-What-This-Black-Stuff-Is counter...
and now to this slightly nicer Tile-It-When-Hubby's-In-Alberta-And-Can't-Do-Anything-About-It countertop...
He tried to stop me over the phone, because I've never tiled anything before, but I think we had a bad connection or something. That guy gets nervous about weird stuff. It'll do until we reno the's on The List for 2013.

We still have quite a bit of work to do - building and installing the vanity, painting the walls and putting up wainscott and laying the new floor. The necessities are in place and working and it's beginning to come together. The ceiling is painted, the walls are primed, and we've got the trim up around the 3/4 wall between the toilet and shower. I couldn't wait to put up the new shower curtain - it hints at the color scheme we're planning...isn't it pretty?

This weekend we'll be painting the walls. Levi has been building the vanity in the evenings, and it looks beautiful already. I'm not sure when it'll be going in, but you can be sure I'll post it - make sure you check back in again soon for more updates!

Covered in drywall dust,

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reasons Why

Take the Savant out of the equation and you've got me.

I went to Pilates class last night feeling less than stellar. While the exercises felt great for my body, my head did not appreciate all I was trying to do and threatened to explode.

After Pilates, I went to the Superstore. I walked past the Pharmacy. Twice. I did not stop to get any Cold and Sinus medication. My sinuses hate me.

I also walked past the Natural Health section. I did not buy any more Oscillococcinum or Echinacea/Goldenseal tincture. I desperately need both.

I went to the Joe Fresh section and bought new bloomers for myself. They were cotton and were on sale at half price. I got size large. I am not a size large, and large thong unders on a medium size booty is just wrong. I can only hope they shrink in the washer, cuz even at three bucks for a pack of 5, I'm too cheap to go back and get the medium ones. Also because I don't want to grow my ass any bigger than it already is.

I went down the Paper Goods aisle and DID. NOT. BUY. KLEENEX. Um...hello? The main reason for my trip to Superstore in the first place was to get more Kleenex with lotion. We are a very Snotty Family these days.

I also did not call it a sick day today, and I am feeling like shit. I have two additional children here, and my head might blow up the next time someone so much as thinks about racing a car across the wood floor. We're not even gonna think about what might happen with the temper tantrums.

Tomorrow I am "calling in" sick, and staying my medium size ass in bed. Someone else is gonna have to go to Superstore - I think my brain fell out with that last sneeze.