Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Bits of Bloggy Blathering...

*knocks on screen*

Hello?? Anyone out there anymore?

*crickets chirping*

Whatever. I'm still gonna write, and if you want to join in by reading then I'm all too happy to have you here for a bit. And maybe you can leave a nice comment or something? Please?

Yes, I've been away for waaay too long. But all that is changing now, because I have *pause for dramatic effect* High Speed Internet!!

Things are slowly getting back to normal I think (hope).

* Recovery from surgery is slower that I would have liked, but I am only at the 4 week mark. I feel pretty good most of the time, but my body is quick to remind me later on that I still need to take it easy. (I'm not sure what's killing me more, the no exercising/yoga/pilates for 6-8 weeks or the no umm.. er, "relations" for 6 weeks. It's a toss up!) Yes, I did just say that...

* Shopping!!! I have spent an obscene amount of time (and only a moderate amount of money) on myself lately. Once I got past that nagging "Mommy Guilt" from taking time and money to do something for myself, I made an appointment and got my hair done yesterday. It looks great - I love it. Completely chopped off into a cute bob, or as some would call it, a "Pob", after Posh Spice's latest look. Although I don't think mine is as short as hers. Something different and easier for the warm weather I hope we'll get soon. I also bought myself some new organic & mineral make-up, since my old stuff was used up long ago and I've been walking around with a naked face. And I got new Wellies!! Pink plaid ones...if we're going to have rain for weeks at a time, at least I can have some fun with it and wear the proper footwear! Who said retail therapy doesn't work?

*Did I mention we finally have High Speed Internet?

*Madeline is into Track & Field and Soccer, so four out of five days I am required to play the role of her chauffeur. Since she is also a social butterfly, I do after practice pick-ups at various friends houses as well.
Terran is rocking out on his newest guitar, a sweet blue Fender that was a gift to him from my dad. The sound out of that thing is amazing... He is going to the Music Rocks Academy "Learn to Play in a Band" summer camp in July. I think it's going to be an awesome experience for him!
Connor is his usual jolly self, and he makes me laugh on a daily basis. He told me that I was "this cool" and made a "loser" sign with his finger and thumb. I know what he meant but it didn't stop us from busting a gut laughing... I bought him some "BOB Books" that we will start on in the fall, they're grade 1 level and perfect for where he is at right now (and will be later on) with his reading. I love that he has such strong literacy skills at such a young age - not even in Kindergarten yet!

*Pets - Ok, pet. Lilly still pukes on an almost daily basis. Is it because she eats too fast, or gets all worked up before she eats and then "splat!" there it is again? I thought of hairballs, but she's a shorthair and there's never any hair in it. Last year the vet put her on some "special" (read EXPENSIVE) food but it really didn't seem to make a difference. Also, I've been checking out the Pet Insurance sites. Does anyone have insurance on their pet? Last year we spent a small fortune on her with her urinary crystals and dehydration and everything else. One site quoted me $11.00 a month for some pretty decent coverage. Levi thinks I'm insane for considering it, his argument is "She's a barn cat!" True, she was. But HE brought her into our home when she was teeny tiny and she's family now. I would hate to think that a couple hundred dollars might mean the difference between having her here and having her put down. Eleven dollars a month starts to look pretty affordable when you consider it cost us $400.00 last year alone in vet bills before we even got her spayed...

And, we're considering adding to our family. A fur baby, I mean. We've had the privilege of looking after my sister's husky, Silver, for a few months. I really enjoyed having her here. She's such a well behaved dog, and I love her personality. Not to mention how beautiful she is...Anyways, I've really wanted a dog for a long time now, since well before Christmas actually. I've been doing lots of research and the two we've narrowed it down to are the American Cocker Spaniel or Siberian Husky. I know, so different! They each have the intelligence and personalities that we're looking for, and both breeds are great with children, gentle, playful, etc. Both breeds are beautiful too, so that doesn't make it any easier to choose. Our house and yard are big enough for either breed, so that makes it harder to choose too. There's pros and cons to both breeds, so I guess it will be a surprise to us all when the time comes to get our new addition! (And yes, I checked out Pet Insurance for dogs too!)

So let's hear from you. Is pet insurance a crock or not? American Cocker Spaniel or Siberian Husky? Regular, Organic, Mineral, or no make-up at all? Wellies or wet feet? How long should a 14 year old boy be allowed to grow his hair, and should an 11 year old girl be allowed to get her own "Facebook?" And does anyone want to come over and clean up this cat puke?

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always get me down."

I've had a wonderful weekend at home with my family these past few days. It was wonderful in part because Friday was my birthday, but also because my dad and step-mom were visiting from Newfoundland. I haven't seen them since last August, and I haven't spent my birthday with my dad since I was fourteen. The kids were thrilled to have someone new to showcase their talents in front of, and I think my parents were just as delighted to sit and enjoy the quirky little people that are their grand kids.

With me still recovering from my surgery three weeks ago and my father recovering from shoulder surgery a week ago, it really didn't take too much to tire either one of us out. As is typical of my parents, they spoiled us all rotten - Olive took Maddie and I shoe shopping, and Dad managed to BBQ the most amazing steaks with one arm in a sling. By the time evening fell though, we were more than ready to sit and relax in front of a crackling fire. It was comforting, having them here, and it felt good to feel connected to family again.

I've mentioned before that it's not so much the "where I grew up" that I feel a longing for, but rather the "how". I know my childhood was less than ideal, but I had a great younger childhood and my dad played a huge part in that. He was a very "hands-on" parent, always involved and introducing us to new things. After he and my mom divorced, most of my relationships with extended family and other positives in my life also disappeared, and so I've always associated the happier times with him.

This morning Dad and Olive left for Nova Scotia, where they will stay until next week before returning to Newfoundland. I've learned to deal with the good-byes over the last nineteen years, and they've become easier. I know that I will see them again soon, likely within the year. Somehow, that doesn't make it any easier, and I know that I will miss my dad. Suddenly I am fourteen again. The sadness I feel every time I say good-bye to him has lodged itself in my throat, and the ache of "homesickness" that had eased while he was here has settled once again in my chest.

I really hope the sun comes out tomorrow, but for today, it can rain.