Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Spy

The twilight had finally fallen and Connor was giggling in that excited way only four year olds seem to know how to do.

Earlier that evening, he and his Daddy had set up the tent in the back yard. It was going to be their first camp out together. I had watched, silently amused as he made the many trips up and down the stairs to gather all the important things necessary for his night of camping. There was “Lion Keekee” of course, his beloved and tattered flannel receiving blanket from babyhood. There was also “Sunshine Keekee”, a newer blanket sometimes used when Lion was in the wash, a teddy simply named “Bear”, his pillow, and a little green striped fleece cushion he lovingly calls “Pidda”.

Once the tent was filled and the bonfire had been started, Connor came into the house to get me. “You have to close your eyes and I will show you my tent,” he instructed as he led me by the hand to the back yard. “And we have a CAMPFIRE!” he exclaimed as he jumped up and down with his arm extended towards the firepit. “Let’s roast some marshmallows!” he said in his best “Let-The Games-Begin” kind of voice.

Once the marshmallow roasting began, he snuggled onto my lap. He had been waving his marshmallow around on an old wire coat hanger that has been straightened, and was not having much luck with this particular one. After I had asked if he wanted me to roast it for him, he gave the wire to me. Now he could concentrate on more important stuff.

“Hey Dad, wanna play I spy?” he asks.

“Sure buddy! You go first.”

“Ok! I spy with my little eye, something that is Shingle-y!” he said, eyeing up the barn roof.

“Umm, the house?” guessed Levi, trying not to chuckle.


“The barn?”

“Nope!” Connor took the marshmallow that I had roasted for him and was looking at it admiringly.

“Mommy is a good marshmallow roaster, isn’t she Bud?” Levi too had noticed the golden piece of perfection *snicker* that Connor was now biting into. “Hmm…Is it the roof?”

“Yeah, the barn roof!! Yay! You got it!! Your turn now!”

“Ok… I spy with my little eye, something that is white and sticky!” he grinned towards Connor’s marshmallow.

Connor looked down at the marshmallow he was holding.

“Me!” was his immediate reply.