Monday, April 14, 2008

The Bitter Numbers

Because I simply have nothing else to do before my surgery next week, I will share with you a little snippet of my life lately.

8 months since I hemorrhaged
34 weeks since I was referred to the specialist
1 fucked up Provincial Health Care System on PEI
242 days I struggled with this problem
21 days ago I finally had my appointment with the specialist
5 days ago since I received date of surgery from hospital
8 days till surgery
56 days out of commission
8 weeks without receiving a paycheck, leaving
0 dollars in my bank account.

During those “eight weeks out of commission”, the following will still need to be taken care of:
168 meals
112 snacks
219 loads of laundry (roughly)
24 days of scrubbing the bathroom
56 days of general house cleaning
12 trips to the grocery store
4 mortgage payments
2 bank payments
224 kisses goodnight.

As if that weren't enough, I've developed a completely unrelated, yet undiagnosed illness. There has also been:

35 consecutive days of unrelenting abdominal pain, resulting in
15 pounds lost in about
14 days.
3 pounds were gained back, but it took
21 days to gain these back.
8 visits to the doctor, who ordered
34 different blood and other tests, coming up with
3 possible diagnoses.
1 referral to yet another specialist to confirm diagnosis
28 days ago
0 phone calls from specialist.
1 completely fucked up Provincial Health Care System
4 weeks off work so far, plus another
2 months after surgery in
1 week still leaves
0 dollars in my bank account.

So because of this, my Doctor suggested that I might be able to apply for Sick Benefits through the Employment Insurance Program. I need:

600 hours of work in the past
52 weeks in order to be eligible. I have
588 hours.
12 hours short … still leaving
0 dollars in my bank account and
0 government support because I have
1 husband who works
40 plus hours a week.

Leaving us with:

3 children
1 house and related expenses to look after on
1 income. All because of
1 completely fucked up Provincial Health Care System.

Ask me if I’m bitter…